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17 Apr 2018 12:53:00

This April the spring weather has really been struggling to fight off the extreme winter conditions we’ve experienced in recent months. Luckily the sun did manage to pop out for us last week just long enough for us to start planting some of our fresh green vegetables!

How it works… 

The perfect conditions for planting is a dry day with the sun on your back and there is a touch of moisture in the soil allowing it to still pliable but not so wet that the tractor is sliding all over the place - or worse, over the seedlings!

The tractor driver, module planter and produce team (seen sat on the back of the planter machine) all have to work in time together to plant as efficiently as possible. If the tractor driver goes too fast the planter will run fast too and the produce team will not be able to stock it fast enough. If the tractor goes too slowly the produce team will become out of sync and time will be wasted in the few precious hours of dry weather. The produce team have superb concentration and know the job well so it isn’t long until they are all in rhythm.

 The vegetable fledglings are popped into cups, which the planter moves down one by one into the ground and rolls them into the soil. Once in the ground we wait for mother nature to sprinkle a bit of water on them with a heavy dew, or her preferred method of rain, so they have the best start in the open field.

In just a few hours we can sow 10,000 plants and in just 60 days time they will be ready to be harvested filling the Farm Shop and Restaurant with yummy fresh greens.

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  • My family and I visited last Sunday for the roast dinner and all I can say is wow.

    The portions were generous and there was plenty of meat, on both the small and large plates, and a good selection of veg. Everything was cooked perfectly and it was piping hot… There is also a great selection of desserts and the apple pie was delicious.

    If you are ever in the area do yourself a favour and visit!

  • The farm shop is well stocked with an in house Bakery and Butchery department, all offering excellent produce, much produced by the proprietors themselves and all beautifully displayed.

  • First rate! The food was excellent and the staff courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend the restaurant. We will be going there again.

  • The children LOVED picking the strawberries in the fields, the restaurant was absolutely superb, it was busy but the staff were very attentive, the garden was beautiful and their was plenty of space for the children to run around in.

    The menu had a lovely selection of items and a good choice for little children too.

  • Just visited and had the best roast dinner....ever! Quality ingredients and beautifully cooked. Thank you Lifton farm shop just what the doctor ordered.

  • The restaurant has a warm atmosphere and with high quality customer service you will be guaranteed a smile from the restaurant staff

    All of there produce including meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables are used in the kitchen and the result is a traditional farmhouse menu.

    It is not uncommon to see dripping vegetables just harvested come into the kitchen and fresh eggs laid that day being used in many dishes.

  • A real gem on the Devon / Cornwall border just off the A30.

    Staff are pleasant and very helpful both in the shop and restaurant.

    Shop goods well presented and high in quality!

  • We have been visiting this Restaurant and farm shop over the years on our visits to Cornwall.

    We always get such a warm welcome from staff, an excellent service and excellent food with locally grown ingredients. The best pasties made on the spot and fresh fruit and veg an excellent butchery dept an d if you are on the way home excellent gift dept. Local wines and beers.

    Everything you could wish for. Plenty of parking. All in wonderful Devon country side surroundings.

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