Over 20 years in the making, but it has also been a very eventful time over the past 10 years at Lifton Farm Shop...


What Happened!


The farming enterprise started with a couple of pigs and the 13 acres being rented. 

1991 The idea for Lifton Strawberries
1992 Lifton Strawberries were born and PYO open to the public!
1993 The Lifton Farm Shop Farm was bought.
1993 The famous Mounce barrow appeared outside the family home 
1997 The snack van ‘Crazy Jo’s’ was open to the public.
1997 The land the shop sits on today was bought. 
2001 Shall we build a farm shop? 
2002 Lifton Farm Shop was open to the public!
2002 The first Halloween Extravaganza!  All proceeds in aid to Children in Need!
2005 The first Lifton Farm Shop pasty was made!
2006 The Barn style restaurant was extended to meet customer needs
2008 Our South Devon suckler heard was bought
2009 Lifton Farm Shop function suite opened
2011 Solar panels up and running to produce our own electricity for the farm shop and restaurant.
2012 10 year anniversary!
2014 Became 100% energy self sufficient through the erection of a 500kW turbine and 250Kw solar array
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